Main Gallery

VASA’s Call for Submissions 2024 is now closed!

VASA hosts artists in monthly exhibitions in the Main Gallery from February to December of each year, with May and December reserved for group shows of members’ work. A Call for Submissions is made in the last half of the year for the upcoming year.

VASA’s Main Space Gallery is unique; it is surrounded by artist’s studios that are open to visitors 5 days a week. The Gallery provides over 1100 lineal feet of display space that is very flexible in configuration. It can hold up to 20 large size paintings (~40″ wide), and up to 50 mixed size pieces. The largest we can hang is 6′ x 8′. VASA cannot handle sculptural pieces that are over 6 ft high or over 40 kg.

Corridor Gallery

VASA also has exhibition space along the corridor walls leading to the rear door. This space accommodates up to 12 works of art (depending on size), but is better suited for smaller pieces. Art in the Corridor Gallery is exhibited for a 2 month period. Applications for submissions are typically ongoing, with a list of applicants maintained and contacted in the order they are accepted.